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The innovative European project to reveal the talents of young people aged 18 to 25

What’s PEPPY ?

PEPPY is a European transnational project financially supported by ERASMUS + funds.

PEPPY is the result of a reflection process involving different actors and operators of the economy, training and education based in France, Italy, Cyprus and the Netherlands.

At a territorial level, we ask ourselves how to improve training and mentoring programs for young people.

PEPPY aims to promote support activities for young people to enable them to acquire sustainable adaptation capacities and to engage them in a process that builds, strengthens and continually develops their skills to meet the permanent challenge. employment.

What objectives ?

  • To encourage young people in their personal projects to develop their skills and knowledge.
  • To transform young people into agents of their own change and to use their acquired skills in formal contexts, but also in informal and non-formal educational contexts.
  • To foster links and set up collaboration between all territorial players in education and training.
  • To promote non-conventional education methodologies as a tool to expand and enrich the educational system.

For who ?

Young people aged 18 to 25, most of whom have left the system

  • NEET,
  • young people without diplomas,
  • trainees in vocational training, registered in territorial programs or in a higher/vocational training course to prevent dropping out.

Educational counselors and accompanying adults who work with young people :

  • teachers,
  • teachers or trainers,
  • educational actors able to support a young person both in his socialization and in the determination of his project.

What educational challenge ?

Creation of a space for educational innovation that promotes informal learning as a factor in skills development and stimulation of young people.

How ?

By opening a European digital platform for networking and resources to support the young people in delevoping a project work. Together with the platform, PEPPY’s method will combine dynamics of collaborative workshops and incubators of ideas. The young people will be supported in their efforts by multidisciplinary teams of educational professionals and actors of daily life and local development. 

Why to participate ?

  • To help young people to enable their desire for creative freedom by working on real, stimulating projects.
  • To enable young people in the realization of their ideas and the valorization of their skills. 
  • To initiate a territorial network focused on collaborative and proactive educational  and  pedagogical  dynamics.

PEPPY - Promote Education, Participation and Projects for Youth

Financed by
The Erasmus + program

The Erasmus + program is the European program for education, training, youth and sport. It is not intended only for students but is open to all audiences and the fields of education and training, formal or non-formal.

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