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GAÏDO LAB was founded by Laurent and Xavier, two agitators at the service of social innovation. For fifteen years, we worked as educational managers and directors of social work training institutions. In 2015, we created GAÏDO LAB, the first social innovation laboratory in the Basque Country. A company certified as a “Social Utility Solidarity Company”. Our goal is to generate solutions that promote social inclusion and social cohesion. For us, this means: Developing and promoting ideas and initiatives to concretely strengthen social ties, proposing new resources that allow people in vulnerable situations to maintain or develop their autonomy, and to multiply their opportunities for ordinary life. We are committed to the issues of aging, disability, child protection, integration and the fight against discrimination.

PEPPY - Promote Education, Participation and Projects for Youth

Financed by
The Erasmus + program

The Erasmus + program is the European program for education, training, youth and sport. It is not intended only for students but is open to all audiences and the fields of education and training, formal or non-formal.

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