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Atherbea is an association of the medico-social sector which welcomes in its different establishments people in distress to allow their social and professional integration. Its website is aging and it wishes to revise it to adapt it to its needs.

Complete subject

Website projects are technical, time consuming and costly for any organization. Atherbea is looking for motivated young people to help them do all the long and difficult work for the redesign of their website, namely
- Help in defining the communication strategy
- Production of text and audio-visual content
- Preparation of specifications
- Realization of a model

The project was completed at the end of August 2022.

Suggested by

Name : Nicot
First Name : Jean-Philippe
Organization : Atherbea
E-mail :
Telephone: 055-952-5500


Published on 06/30/2022

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Sponsor: Patrick NGUYEN

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