GIONET is an association formed in 2016 as a result of the natural evolution of a path of collaboration between some institutions active in the private social environment and vocational training in the context of some European projects. The association brings together different institutions that work for young people, either directly or through related services, valuing their rootedness in the local social environment.

In recent years we have seen a great proliferation of experiences, good practices and ideas on youth policy at local, regional and European level. However, a basic difficulty remains: actors working in the third sector and in the youth field are only occasionally brought together (calls for participation, grants for association and cooperation, etc.). GIONET is a place of sharing for social and cultural workers who work daily with minors, adolescents and young people. It is also a place for in-depth study, reflection and experimentation for politicians, experts and planners on topics such as guidance, education, youth policy, national and transnational mobility, promotion of a culture of sport and leisure time. A space for sharing experiences, good practices and ideas on youth policy and for valuing different but complementary views and approaches.

The association is present on the national territory through its own partners who favor its anchorage and guarantee the development of the territory and the people who act there. The partners are linked by the common commitment to improve the life opportunities of young people, to promote social inclusion through transnational activities and the sharing of good practices. The Association organizes congresses, seminars and co-planning actions between private and public institutions. It is a place for sharing experiences and experimenting with innovative projects at both national and European level.

The GIONET association is an associate member of the European network YES Forum. Founded in 2002, it is a European network of 34 non-governmental organizations from 18 European Union member states that work with and for young people with fewer opportunities. The network reaches over 650,000 young people in Europe through its associates.

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PEPPY - Promote Education, Participation and Projects  for Youth

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The Erasmus + program is the European program for education, training, youth and sport. It is not only intended for students but is open to all publics and the fields of education and training, formal or non-formal.

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